Ph.D. A.P.


Office 413, Innovation Building (West)

East China Jiaotong University

NO.808, East Shuanggang Avenue,

330013 Nanchang, China

Phone: +86 137-3295-9894

I am the Acting Dean in the Virtual Reality and Interactive Techniques Institute (VRITI) at the East China Jiaotong University. I am also the committee member of the CAD/CG Division of CCF, and the Visualization and Visual Analysis Division of CSIG. I have been enrolled in the Ganjiang Distinguished Youth Program since Nov. 2018. I obtained the Associate Professorship while working at the Jiangxi Normal University in 2016.

My research topics cover the Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Since moving to VRITI in 2018, my main interests and efforts are to bridge the gaps between the VR techniques and the traditional applications scenes. Recently, I am working on multiple projects including 1) Large scale 3D face synthesis, 2) Graphical techniques of the 3D design platform for the Electrical Engineering, 3) VR applications in the recover medicine, 4£©Psychological studies of the VR applications, etc.

In 2015, I earned my Ph.D. degree in Computer Graphics, at University of Strasbourg (2015WR:87). Supervised by CNRS researcher, HDR Hyewon SEO and Professor, HDR Fr¨¦d¨¦ric CORDIER, I was working in the Informatique G¨¦om¨¦trique et Graphique (IGG) group, in the ICube Laboratory. Invited by Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, I also spent more than a month as a visiting researcher in the MIRALab at University of Geneva. Before the researches in Computer Graphics, I had about one year studies in Computer Vision, in Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab, at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm. I was supervised by Professor Danica Kragic, Assistant Professor Carl Henrik Ek and Assistant Professor Anders Brun. Lastly, I obtained my Master degree from the Uppsala University (2011WR:67).


2019.02-2019.06 Geometry Processing, optional course for undergraduates.
2019.02-2019.06 Geometry Processing, major course for graduates.
2018.09-2019.01 Virtual Reality Techniques, major course for graduates.



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Other Publications

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